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A maxim goes that “poker takes a day to learn, a lifetime to master.” Behind the simplicity of the rules, there are endless variables that change with every round.  1# Don’t Just Play The Cards, Play The Opponents The big mistake beginner players make

There comes a time in many players’ lives when the dilemma arises: should I continue to pursue poker as a hobby or make a living from the cards? A career as a professional player is attracting more and more followers. If you’re at that crossroads, let us help you

The business world is like a poker table: you depend entirely on your intellectual prowess to succeed – or fail. Other, more experienced people can help you. Offer advice. Maybe even invest in you. But it’s no use if you don’t have the capacity to hold your

6 weeks after the “foolish session” is over, Easter follows after a period of fasting. Of course, Book of Dead is not a seasonal slot for Easter, but just like Jesus once shared bread and wine, Casino shares free spins with you. You get 30 of them for the popular