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There comes a time in many players’ lives when the dilemma arises: should I continue to pursue poker as a hobby or make a living from the cards? A career as a professional player is attracting more and more followers. If you’re at that crossroads, let us help you make the decision.

First, remember that hobbies are fun. Work? Not so much. It’s one thing to play poker for the fun of it. There’s no pressure to win, and you’re relaxing from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. When it becomes work, that relationship with poker changes completely, no matter how much you love the game. It becomes a daily responsibility.

As with any career, you will need to have a very well-organized routine to play, or you will never get very far. How many days a week will you play? For how many hours? At what buy-in amounts? These are just some of the questions you need to consider.

Because if you believe that your raw talent will guarantee success, you can forget it. In any career, it is essential to combine talent with hard work. 

1# Work Day

First of all, set a goal of weekly hours to play poker seriously. The ideal is to define, also, fixed days and times for this journey – otherwise you run the risk of playing 24/7, without setting aside moments for rest, which are important to recover mental energy.

2# Study Routine

Yes, gentlemen, a professional player must be willing to study a lot. Read books; take courses; watch videos; talk to colleagues; analyze your mistakes and successes; etc. To have a high level performance in any area of activity, acquiring a high index of technical knowledge is fundamental. In poker too.

3# Working Capital

Poker is a game of skill, so in the medium and long term the best players will always be in the positive. But in the short term, it is common to have a sequence of “bad beats” and end some days in the negative. Or even weeks. If you are not emotionally and financially prepared for this variance, you have no future in your playing career. Take good care of your working capital.

4# Online Poker

If you lived in Las Vegas, you could live only off live poker. But here the offer of tournaments is much smaller, so it is essential to play poker online too. All the big players are specialized on this platform. The advantage is that you find partners 24/7, at the most varied table values. As a bonus, this provides freedom and flexibility in the routine, because anywhere you are with your laptop, you can work.

5# Physical And Mental Preparation

To make your living from poker, you will have to spend many, many hours sitting down, with your head operating at peak performance non-stop. So you need to have great mental resilience, and also physical fitness that will get your body through this marathon. Because when you get tired, your decisions start to be emotional rather than rational. Then you can kiss your money goodbye.

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