matched betting

How many times have we tried to rack our brains to find a safe and systematic way to earn money? Or simply looking for a way to supplement our monthly salary without too much effort? Matched betting is a method based on mathematical calculation, the aim of which is to make a net profit from promotions offered by betting sites. 

All bookmakers offer generous cash bonuses as an incentive for bettors to open accounts on their platforms. These offers can be of three types: welcome bonuses, periodic promotions and personal promotions. However, in order to be redeemed, these sums must be wagered a variable number of times according to the terms and conditions of each promotion. This is where the method described on this page comes in: by betting on two opposite outcomes of the same match, you can cover 100% of the possible outcomes and guarantee your winnings. So there is no gambling involved, because everything is based on a safe calculation.

How does matched betting work?

We’ve understood what we’re talking about and what we’re getting at. It is now time to understand how matched betting works in detail. In the following paragraphs we will describe step by step how to unlock a bonus. Basically, it involves placing a bet on one outcome of a match and hedging the other possible outcomes by betting that outcome on a betting exchange, so you are sure to have all possible outcomes covered. In order to do this, you need to register with a bookmaker, thus obtaining the welcome bonus, and sign up with a betting exchange platform. Having done all this, once you have chosen an event to play on, you will need to calculate how much money to bet on each odds to make sure you make a profit. Sounds complicated? Don’t worry, we’ll go into more detail in the next few paragraphs. But before you start, make sure you meet these five simple requirements to get started.

Everything you need to know about matched betting

We’ve covered all the steps necessary to make your first profit from matched betting. We are sure that you still have many questions left. In the following information boxes we have therefore summarised five of the most important questions concerning this earning method. First of all, we have tried to answer the most important question: how much money can you make and how long does it take. Next, we will try to answer all possible questions concerning the legality, risk and gamble of this earning method. Finally, we will see what betting sites think about it and why it is not as widespread a tool as you might think.

How much is it possible to earn and in how long?

The first question that arises after everything we have said so far is: how much can you earn with matched betting? And in how much time? At this point it is necessary to make some clarifications. In the first phase of the path, avoiding making mistakes, you can accumulate up to 1500-2000 euros in the first month alone, thanks to the exploitation of all the welcome bonuses offered by the operators. Then, using only the periodic promotions, you can save up to 500 euros per month, depending on the period, the offers and the investment you want to make.

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