Our Story

Press to play fisherman’s Blues by The Waterboys

Our story begins with Peter Jenkins, more commonly known to the locals as ‘Jerka’. Jerka has always been more comfortable at sea, with a past career as a skipper. Mermaid tatoos from head to toe, it is no wonder that Jerka has become Portarlington’s most famous and recognisable fisherman.

Jerka along side his son Ben are the fifth generation fishermen in the Jenkins line. Jerka and Ben began their small business behind their family home, in a corrugated iron shed on Queenscliff road.┬áThe high demand for Jerka’s fresh fish and the locals always pestering him for more, saw him opening a small shop on Portarlington road, hard to miss as you drive into town.


Supplying up to 20 types of fresh fish, Jerka needed to expand his 2 man team. Donna, Jerka’s wife was brought on board to manage the business, source delicious deli goods to accompany their fresh seafood and of course to keep her wild seaman at bow.


Jerka and Ben adopt sustainable practices with their fishing. They catch their fish using ‘Seining’ and Long Line methods. This ensures the fish which do not reach commercial standard size are thrown back unharmed.

Donna and Jerka now employ locals to help them with their thriving little store which keeps Portarlington and all those passing through very happy !